Read an excellent report that reveals how inaccurate assessments on the amount of Vitamin D absorbed from small amounts of sun exposure has mislead the UK government to make inadequate recommendations.

A new report published by the Health Research Forum written by Oliver Gillie explains why sun exposure and artificial tanning can offer important health benefits.

There are several references in the report that reflect new research and studies that give merit to artificial tanning benefits while weighing these benefits against measured concerns for various skin types from light to dark skin.

One quote from the report states:

In the past artificial tanning using ultra-violet lamps has been condemned by the medical profession, but new evidence suggests that the risks may have been exaggerated. The risk of ultra-viotet lamps need to be carefully re-evaluated and balanced against the benefits that may be expected from increasing vitamin D levels and preventing or ameliorating a wide spectrum of disease. Consideration needs to be given to recommending ultra-violet lamps and tanning salons to the public as a means of maintaining vitamin D levels during winter. Recommendations and controls concerning use of sun beds should be reviewed with the aim of encouraging use of sunbeds while maintaining safeguards.

Do take time to read this in-depth report to better understand how to weigh what you can gain from tanning versus the concerns you may so you have more factual information. Our tanning staff can advise best tanning practices for even the fairest of skin types.
The free report is available as a PDF file and can be found by clicking > Sunlight Robbery, by Oliver Gillie