Seattle Tanning Salons

Tropical Tan has been tanning Seattle customers since 1982. We plan on continuing to provide the best service, prices and equipment for our customers for many years to come.

Our first store was built in the city of Shoreline back in October of 1982, we used the old wolf tanning beds that had 24 bulbs. It was then that our passion for this business started, and though we have built many more locations, changed our logo and image, and upgraded our equipment numerous times, we have never forgotten where we came from. We are from here.

In those 30 plus years of serving Seattle’s customers we have seen and learned a great many things:

We have seen the rise and decline of the franchise tanning industry, the corporate tanning chains with boards of directors and investors, new technologies that amaze… and some that don’t work.

One thing that has never changed is our commitment to our customers and our guarantee of a cheerful friendly person behind the counter to help make that small part of your day relaxing and enjoyable.

We understand that you can go tanning anywhere, but at Tropical Tan it’s a great tanning experience that matters.

We intend to keep that local tanning salon attitude, we will never be too big to care about our customers and we will never forget that in the end…you are the boss.

Daniel Arthur Mann, Founder


  • Because boats, shoes and cell phones all cost money, we pay our people 20% more than other tanning salons.
  • We love our furry friends, so we don’t sell any products tested on animals.
  • We’ve gotta be green, so we recycle 100% of our tanning bulbs.


Here at Tropical Tan, we like to give back to our community and those who have supported us throughout our 20 years of tanning service. In the near future we will also be involved in many community events, such as Bumbershoot, the Bite of Seattle, and many more. Please check back soon and often to learn about the latest scoop at Tropical Tan!

To follow are few non-profit organizations of which we are involved: