General tanning FAQs provide answers to your important questions.

Most people will develop a dark tan in 10-12 sessions going 2-3 times a week. If you try to rush your tan, you will probably get burned. You should see results after each tan, and will notice good color after 3-4 sessions, with a dark tan developing within 2-4 weeks, depending on your skin type, the type of bed you use, and if you use an accelerator lotion. Ask a Smart Tan certified Tropical Tan employee to help you figure out what bed and lotion to use, and how many sessions are going to help you best achieve your tanning goals.
Tanning is your body’s natural response to UV exposure and helps you look healthy. If you get burned, you have over exposed yourself and need to go less time. Don’t tan while you are burned as you will only make it worse. If you have a burn, apply an aloe based moisturizer several times a day, and don’t tan until the redness goes away, usually in a few days to a week. Continue to use a moisturizer several limes a day for several weeks to avoid peeling.
Make sure your skin is hydrated and moisturized before and after tanning. Your tan will last longer if you keep your skin well moisturized.
Accelerators contain key ingredients like L-Tyrosine and other vitamins, amino acids, and anti oxidants that your body uses to tan and maintain healthy skin. Providing your body with more of these ingredients helps your skin tan faster and deeper, and helps your body maintain optimal skin health.
Tingle Action lotions, also known as Hot Action lotions, use B vitamins and other ingredients to increase circulation in the skin. The deepest darkest tan comes from using Tingle Action lotions! This increase in circulation helps you tan faster! WARNING – Many people find the feeling of a Tingle Action lotion to be very uncomfortable, causing a burning sensation or itchy feeling. Try a sample first, and don’t put it on your face, around eyes, or sensitive areas!
Bronzers and Self Tanners can give you instant color, and can come in a lotion, spray, or cosmetic powder. Bronzers will wash off, while Self Tanners will provide you with a cosmetic tan for up to 10 days!
Just like mixing up your workout for increased workout results, changing up your tanning routine will help you achieve better tanning results and get the best overall tan. Switching between the medium and high pressure beds, or between the stand-up and laydown will help even out your tan, and give you slightly different levels of UVB and UVA exposure!


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