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Michael Arthur Mann is the creative and dynamic force behind Tropical Tan's growth in the Seattle Tanning market. Together with his brother Daniel, and his Father Dan, they form a partnership of old and new that have brought a fresh, clean, small- store experience to Seattle's tanning industry for an incredibly affordable price. Tropical Tan has the newest beds available combined with pleasant and welcoming staff at every location. Come experience the difference for yourself.

Health Research Forum: Report: Sunlight Robbery, by Oliver Gillie

Read an excellent report that reveals how inaccurate assessments on the amount of Vitamin D absorbed from small amounts of sun exposure has mislead the UK government to make inadequate recommendations. A new report published by the Health Research Forum written by Oliver Gillie explains why sun exposure and artificial tanning can offer important health [...]

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Tropical Tan Partners with Supre Tan and Snooki

Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the world’s hottest – and tannest – reality TV star, and Supre Tan’s CEO Bruce West, the indoor tanning industry leader from the shores of Texas, recently announced their premium indoor tanning salon product collection from the Snooki Beauty Care division of the Snooki brand. This announcement followed on the heels of [...]

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